Will pot from Oregon flood Idaho? Don’t count on it

Oregon Marijuana Laws | PotGuide.com – Oregon has adopted a similar policy as Colorado, which allows for local cities and counties to decide for themselves if they will allow recreational marijuana stores. Please note that cities and counties have their own laws, so a county may ban recreational stores, but a city located within that county may allow them.

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Legalized pot in Idaho: 'Not in our state' | Al Jazeera America – BOISE, Idaho – In Idaho, old perceptions remain true: the potatoes are plentiful, the landscape is lovely and the population is reliably Republican. But in the last year, the state has gained a reputation for a different reason. While states in the Northwest have been at the forefront of the national movement to legalize pot, Idaho has held firm.

Full Story About What’s Going on In Oregon – “Militia. –  · Grab a Cup of Coffee – Because This is Soup-to-Nuts. Many people will awaken today to the news of approximately 100 to 150 armed militia taking control of a closed wildlife park Headquarters, and not know the full back-story – so here it is: The short summary is: in an effort to draw attention to.

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Will Pot from Oregon Flood Idaho? Don't Count on It. – Will Pot from Oregon Flood Idaho? Don’t Count on It. No initial pot flood into North Idaho from Washington. Roger Lanier, interim police chief in Lewiston, said his department did not see a.

Oregon-Idaho churches respond to floods – umoi.org – The Oregon-Idaho Conference of the Methodist Church has shown, yet again, that when the need arises, it rises to the need. In late August of 2016, umcor (united methodist Committee on Relief) sent word that it was in serious need of cleanup kits, aka ‘flood buckets’ to restock its supply depots after the recent devastating floods in Texas and Louisiana; little did they know that those very.

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Legal weed, Idaho customers breathe life into tiny Oregon town, irk Otter – Some products don’t. Idaho. To Idaho customers, the benefits – a reliable supply, a higher quality, more consistent product, avoiding shady dealers – outweigh the inconvenience and risk of a trip.

TIL that Ernest Hemingway lived through anthrax, malaria. – I don’t think suicide is the cowards way out. That imply life is suffering and to leave life you’re cheating because everyone else is here suffering. I don’t plan on killing myself but I really don’t want to come into some state and need constant care for 10, 20 o even 30 years before I die.

T-minus-1 month: Cellphone carriers are gearing up for a solar eclipse Super Bowl – From Oregon to South Carolina, millions of eclipse-chasers will. (nasa map) Does this mean eclipse-chasers will be able to live-stream to their heart’s content? Don’t count on it. Travelers should.